Polynesian Cultural Center

Located on Oahu’s North Shore is the Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii’s #1 paid attraction.  Only an hours drive from Waikiki, this 42 Acre living museum offers experiences such as drumming, dancing, coconut climbing, playing with fire knives, but be sure to leave it to the professionals.   We offer 5 main packages and 1 combo packages below to fit your budget and schedule.  Our most popular is the Alii Luau, all day or Twilight Package. The least expensive is the Admission and Show with dinner and finally Our VIP package, the Ambassador offers a guided tour and premium seats at the evening show, “HA, the Breath of Life” with over 100 cast members, the biggest and best Polynesian show in the world.

  • Polynesan Cultural Center & North Shore
    7 Polynesian Villages Highlight
    Waimea Bay & Sunset Beach
    BBQ Polynesian Lunch Buffet
    Day time program only at PCC
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  • Pearl Harbor & Polynesian Cultural Center
    Oahu's 2 most popular attractions
    Movie and USS Arizona Memoral Tour
    BBQ Lunch Buffet at PCC
    4 hours at the PCC
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  • Ambassador Ali'i Luau Package
    Guided VIP Package
    2 Dinner Options
    Premium Seats at Show
    Exploding Volcano's
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  • Super Ambassador Package
    Super VIP Package
    2 Dinner Options
    1st 2 rows of Show
    With over 100 Cast Members
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  • Admission & Show
    Least Expensive Package
    Island Buffet Dinner Included
    Standard Seats at Show
    Best value with dinner
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  • Ali'i Luau Package
    Most Popular Package
    Full Day Tour
    Preferred Seats at Show
    Spectacular Evening Show
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One Day Neighborhood Tour - Oahu

  • 44 miles long, 30 miles wide, 112 miles around, Oahu is the 3rd largest among the Hawaiian Islands
  • Honolulu, the capitalof Hawaii is located in the island of Oahu.
  • 1,500 miles long. About the span from LA to Denver, Colorado!
  • Take off, fly and land in 23 minutes. That’s how long it takes from Oahu to the island of Maui.
  • 10 hours is all you need, including flying time for most tours on the Island of Kauai