Hiking Volcano and Waterfall Tours

  • Rainforest & Dryforest Bird Watching Tour
    The palila (Loxioides bailleui)
    Critically Endangered
    Hike Native Forest
    Groups Max 12
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  • Volcano Hike N' Glow
    From Kona or Hilo
    4 Miles of Hiking
    Professinal Tour Guide
    Lunch, Dinner Included
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  • Big Island Lava Expedition
    From Kona and Waikoloa
    Most current active site
    2 Miles each way
    BBQ Dinner
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  • Kohala Waterfalls Adventure
    8 Hours. Easy
    Group Size: Max 12
    Ride off road Pinzgauer
    Private Picnic Lunch
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  • Hilo Tropical Waterfall
    4 Hours. Easy
    Visit 4 Waterfalls
    Swim, Kayak or Paddle
    At 120 ft. Waterfall
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  • Swim Kohala Falls
    3 Hours. Easy
    Visit 3 Waterfalls
    Ride off road Pinzgauer
    North Kohala Area
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